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From fiction to fact: interview with Esa Nikkilä

Posted on by Safia Bhutta

… of good examples of “crowd power”. We have been really excited about both of Microtask’s Talkoot games, of course. Last month our company, Roisto, collaborated in a great crowdsourced graffiti project with Finnish artist Otto Maja in Tampere. Also, Finnish company AudioDraft has some very interesting projects going on. Then there’s exciting musical stuff like Imogen Heap’s collaboration with her fans and Kaiser Chief’s crowdsourced album.

Finally, what is your …

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HS Talkoot: Microtask to the rescue of Finnish media history

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… friends of Microtask! We are pleased to announce the debut of a new Microtask-powered service: HS Talkoot.

Created for Helsingin Sanomat in collaboration with the National Library of Finland, the goal of HS Talkoot is to engage readers and allow them to help with the digital editing of old issues of Päivälehti, the predecessor of Helsingin Sanomat. The material in need of revision includes the whole first month of the historical newspaper (December 1889 – January 1890). All pages …

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Crowdsourcing: an ancient Finnish tradition?

Posted on by Hannu I. Miettinen

… Then I realized why. Crowdsourcing is really just a new name for a very old Finnish idea: talkoot.

Talkoot is a form of collective voluntary work that’s been practiced in Finland for over 1300 years. The concept dates back to when people first began to build log houses. Because houses had to be completed before winter (and because it’s hard to lift a ridge-pole all on your own) people called on their (often very distant) friends and neighbors to help with construction. By …


Digitalkoot: crowdsourcing Finnish Cultural Heritage

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… together.

In Finland, building a house was once such a job. The collective effort was called a talkoot (in English the closest translation we have is “working-bee” or “barn-raising”).

Even if you are not Amish, I’m sure you have experienced something like it when moving to a new apartment. Your friends come over, you tell them about your serious back pain, they lift your washing machine and grand piano down the winding stairs. At the end of the day, when your back doesn’t …