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Task-work in global networks

Posted on by Esko Kilpi

… new mode of knowledge production is emerging in digitally networked firms. This approach is called task-work. Task-work as a method refers to a new economic phenomenon: people from all over the network contribute small pieces of their time and expertise, voluntarily, to common projects modularized as tasks. Knowledge workers do this based on their availability, interest and experience. People choose themselves what they do, they choose the tasks they take up and the possible colleagues they …

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Teaching kids to win

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… . Flow is an optimal state of activity where one is totally immersed in the performance of a task. Such a state is common when people strive to achieve a clear, challenging goal that requires the exercise of their skills and abilities. Also important is direct feedback and a sense of personal control. The activity itself can be anything from a microtask to a long, complex game.

If you’ve ever been involved in a competitive game, you probably have experienced the sensation. This is …

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Taking discrimination to task

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

As most thoughtful, young men will tell you, life is full of challenging mysteries. Along with “why am I here?” and “who am I?” one of the most important unanswered questions in their lives is likely to be “where are all the girls?”

While the context of this question may hopefully change as young men get older, the question itself unfortunately still …

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Work could heal the mind: microtasking from a cognitive perspective

Posted on by Katri Saarikivi

… the level of cognitive processing. In this article guest writer Katri Saarikivi discusses how task based work, and in particular microtasks, offer exciting opportunities for not only the treatment of cognitive dysfunction, but also reducing lost productivity in the workplace.

Cognitive difficulties in different illnesses

Cognitive difficulties can arise in conjunction with many kinds of illness and stressors. Obvious states such as burnout, brain injury or dementia and less obvious …

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How the knowledge economy will change the way we work

Posted on by Katri Saarikivi

… human assets can improve their success in two ways. They should embrace the new conception of task-based work that is independent of time and space and make use of the knowledge available on efficient learning and human information processing. This will release the content of work to find the best knowhow and cater to the specific cognitive requirements of knowledge intensive work.

Employees’ cognitive processes and self-awareness can easily be developed by using psychological …

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