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When stupid beats smart: the power of collective ignorance

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… The experiment was repeated, this time with a slightly more knowledgeable crowd of amateur tennis players, who were asked to rate the chances of a list of players. Again, despite each member of the ignorant crowd only recognizing an average of 39% of the named players, the ignorant crowd thrashed the experts.

But before we kick out the professors and start staffing our universities with Fox News ‘reporters’, it’s worth taking a look at Herzog and Hertwig’s conclusions. …

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Flattery will get you everywhere

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… thinking outside the box, even when thinking inside it. Just as they revolutionized furniture, tennis and ski-jumping, with The Pirate Bay (TPB) they changed our perception of copyright infringement forever.

Right to copy?

Before a few geeks in Stockholm brought us TPB, there were Napster, eMule, WinMX and Kazaa. While all these companies allowed people to freely download digital content (whether legally or not), the cultural battle over the legitimacy of piracy became a central …