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Work could heal the mind: microtasking from a cognitive perspective

Posted on by Katri Saarikivi

… kinds of cognitive remediation. One method of remediation called CRT (for cognitive remediation therapy), consists of interactive sessions concentrating on exercises that require the use of working memory, executive function and attention. The effect of the therapy is based on training the neurocognitive functions that have deteriorated because of the mental illness. Cognitive remediation therapies can also include a metacognitive aspect through verbalizing and becoming aware of thought …

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FixMyTransport: keep calm and carry on crowdsourcing

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… we can

I love a good rant as much as anyone and FixMyTransport is clearly providing much-needed therapy to traumatized commuters. However, the real test will be whether the site actually gets stuff fixed? Will those “big bad” transport operators respond to crowd complaints, or will they dismiss FixMyTransport as online noise? Myfanwy admits there is a danger of creating “more heat than light,” but she also insists: “FixMyTransport isn’t about giving transport operators a …

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