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Now that’s what I call a remix: confessions of a YouTube-oholic

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… remix. Here fans get busy cutting, pasting and changing the soundtrack in order to transform trailers – or even whole movies. You can now experience The Shining re-cut as a feel good comedy, The Big Lewboski as a story of moving friendship, or (at the risk of losing precious childhood memories) watch Mary Poppins turned into a hellspawn witch.

Forty-one milliseconds of fame

Music is another example of a field where experimentation with widesourcing (a clever new word …

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My advice to Newt: use the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… he would, if elected, create a base on the moon by 2020. Now, I don’t know if Newt has seen the trailers for Apollo 18, but if he has he will know that before he goes anywhere near the moon, he should make sure there are no aliens up there, lurking in the shadows of a crater, waiting to attack him.

Newtralizing alien threats

Fortunately for Newt, a plan has been developed by a couple of scientists over at Arizona State University. Paul Davies and Robert Wagner put forward a paper …

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Too fast, too furious? The app that’ll slow you down

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… the Finnish Government started road testing a new breed of hi-tech speed cameras. Mounted on trailers, these cameras not only detect your speed but can also spot tailgating, undone seat belts and even overdue taxes. Basically, if you see one coming down the road, it’s time to belt up and ease off the gas.

While we might not like the idea of merciless robots clocking our every minor traffic infraction, dangerous drivers are a serious, well, danger, to us all.

As someone who’s …