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The Travelling Salesman is back – Part 1

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… Norway deserves a second visit at a later stage. What about the rest? The tale of the Travelling Salesman continues in the next post of this very same blog with impressions from Denmark, Iceland, best practices and organizational issues. Meanwhile, if someone from the Swedish or Norwegian start up scene wants to share some insight, we would be very happy to hear from them.

* some entrepreneur, talent scouts and friends joined Kristoffer here and there along the way.

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The Travelling Salesman, one man and his crazy dream

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… questions (and what a 40-day ice-cream headache feels like) on his blog.

The Travelling Salesman left Helsinki on Monday 24 October. I plan on joining him for the ride from Gothenburg-Copenhagen in early November, to check out some of these startups and make sure he is wiping his feet before getting in the car.

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The Travelling Salesman is back – Part 2

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… similar to Finland’s. Stopping off at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship our Travelling Salesman had the chance to attend a pitching competition: “It seemed like the whole building was crowded with startups. However, unlike in Finland where people speak in English, everything was in Danish: presentation, pitches, even simple chitchat. VCs were 100% Danish – everybody was tall, blonde and in a good shape – apart from us there were no foreigners in sight. Even so, I didn’t …

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Language Lessons: translating the global conversation

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… businesses still have to speak English to survive (except in Denmark, according to our Travelling Salesman ). However, the development of web 2.0, mobile internet and broadband mean people are spending more and more personal time online. And, as life gets uploaded, so do languages. Our friends at the social network Xiha Life have even added a “Translate button” to their site interface. Using machine translation, the button allows members (who come from over 200 countries) to switch …



Posted on by admin

… point of view. Her past involves journalism, multitasking between different media and a lot of traveling. Being the founding partner and CEO of the start-up content agency Vapa Media has brought a whole lot of content in Ida’s life.

Jani Penttinen

Jani Penttinen is a founder and CEO of Transfluent, a service that helps brands connect with their fans in any language, and Xiha, a multilingual social network with users in more than 200 countries speaking 140 …

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