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Can we crowdsource the planet better?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… work platforms and the developing world. But, while organizations such as Samasource and Txteagle have been busy making poverty history, what’s been going on when it comes to saving the planet?

Green Shoots

Answer: quite a lot, but still not quite as much as you might hope for…

Okay, for starters, there are sites that call on the crowd to donate spare processing power to the climate change cause (though surely this leads to the dilemma of whether to (a) leave the laptop …

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Live Aid – giving the crowd more feedback

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… One such solution is the employment opportunities offered by crowdsourcing companies such as txteagle and samasource, bypassing of the need for investment traditionally required for job creation.

Another, yet to be fully explored possibility is using crowdsourcing to improve the effectiveness of money spent on aid. Crowdsourcing is already used by Citizen Water to collect water quality data which is then displayed on an interactive map. Participants in Ghana, The Philippines, …

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Africa Online

Posted on by Otto Chrons

… is an issue.

But hardware problems seem unlikely to derail this opportunity. As I write, Txteagle is on track to becoming one of Africa’s largest employers based on this concept. It brings together some of the 2 billion literate, mobile phone subscribers in the developing world with corporations that need help with billions of image, audio and text-based tasks. And if the nature of connectivity being installed in Rwanda is an example of what will become the norm in Africa – …

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Africa online 2011: The mobile continent

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… Valley, Nairobi?

Over the last couple of years, the success of organizations like Samasource, Txteagle, and, above all, Ushahidi (also from Kenya), has really put African crowdsourcing on the map. New initiatives are constantly jumping on the bandwagon (or on the bush taxi, perhaps). Many are health care or development projects, like Sproxil. Operating in Nigeria and Ghana, Spoxil has developed software that allows the crowd to authenticate drug labels via SMS. The aim is to fight …