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Microtask Backstage: our CEO Ville Miettinen featured on FounderLY

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

The other day our beloved galactic emperor CEO Ville Miettinen was featured in an interview published by FounderLY, a website dedicated to entrepreneurs who have founded potentially disruptive tech companies.

In these two videos, Ville gives in insight into how Microtask got to where it is today: the idea inception, its evolution, the early days, funding, the background of the Management Team, the learning process, mistakes and …

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Google+, Twitter, Facebook: the new capitals of crowdsourcing?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

A few days ago I was instructed by our Dear Leader, Ville Miettinen, to figure out Microtask’s strategy for Google+. Luckily for me, Google hasn’t actually released any proper business profiles just yet. In fact, the Mountain View giant is actively deleting profiles of companies, websites and other commercial upstarts trying to get their brands on G+.

Denied the chance to create a wordy strategy document (don’t worry, I’ll get over …

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From January to June: six months of micro (and macro) work

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… cake is our collaboration with leading industry site The Daily Crowdsource : Microtask’s CEO Ville Miettinen is now an official Daily Crowdsource Crowd Leader.

Worker tales

So what does Microtask’s hardworking staff make of the year so far? I deployed my expert journalistic skills (i.e. went and annoyed my colleagues with questions) to find out. First up was Harry, our Senior Designer, who revealed he was actually “surprised that people played the games in Digitalkoot”. …

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Crowdconvention 2011: a designer’s tale

Posted on by Harry Seppala

… topics on the blog.

A crowd worth hearing

On the platform (the actual platform that is) Ville Miettinen represented Microtask with a fast-paced presentation on Digitalkoot. Ville’s presentation got lots of laughs and much whispering, the latter maybe because he had the guts to call the term crowdsourcing:

“a monster, a non-term replacing traditional words like collaboration or expressions such as doing things together.”

Needless to say, Ville and Jeff Howe (inventor …

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2011: a crowded year

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… crowdsourcing.org and last but not least, Microtask’s own Dear Leader (“just call me CEO”) Ville Miettinen. Check out Crowdconvention.com for more details.

HCOMP 2011

The Human Computation Workshop is this year’s third go-to industry event. HCOMP 2011 kicks off around August 8th in San Francisco. Primarily a research conference, organizers include crowdsourcing pioneer (and certified genius) Luis von Ahn and (in)famous Mechanical Turk blogger Panagiotis Ipeirotis. HCOMP …

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