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A ticket to play

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… cross the Golden Gate Bridge to attend events: the Game Developers Conference, Apple Keynotes, the Web 2.0 Summit – there’s an expo for everyone.

In such a tech-friendly town, it’s not surprising that computing is spreading into public spaces, affecting the way citizens interact with their urban environment. The first stop? That most boring of public places: the bus stop.

Routed to the stop

In late 2010 large touch screens were installed in 20 bus stops across San Francisco (with …

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Could crowd-driven think tanks be weapons of mass instruction?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… projects, Google recently flew 80 former neo-Nazis, Jihadists, gang members and terrorists to a summit in Dublin where they met with survivors of terrorist attacks, kidnappings and other forms of violence, as well as politicians, academics and members of the public.

This unique crowd is able to look at the problem of violence from all angles, and judging by the number of projects fighting for space on the site’s marketplace, their debates are incredibly productive, creating policy ideas …

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Too cool to play: the gamification backlash

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… now it’s everywhere. There are gamification books, startups and even a dedicated gamification summit. With so much hype, backlash is inevitable.

Missing the points?

Here at Microtask we’re “out and proud” gaming fans. We play games, we write about games, we make games. However, being a mature and friendly organization, we realize that sometimes it’s good to check in with the opposition (even if it’s just so you know where to aim). Happily for us, critics of gamification …


Science and the “Nobel” art of gaming

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

As regular readers will know, here at Microtask we love a bit of science fun. Back in November we blogged about Foldit , a freely-available online protein-folding game. Foldit players contribute directly to scientific discovery: the more proteins they fold, the closer scientists get to curing diseases like Alzheimer’s and AIDS.

Refusing to be out-innovated by mere protein …

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Madmen join the game

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… San Francisco the other week was an eye opener. I spent two days at the Social & Online Games Summit listening to lectures on how to get people to try out online games, how to keep them hooked, and how to monetize them.

Game developers have increasingly embraced in game advertising as a stream of revenue at a time when the rising cost of game development is making for tough times in the industry. These rising costs mean that even though a lot more people are playing games, game-makers …

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