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Bringing anarchy to the creative process – When distributed work meets interesting web content

Posted on by Ida Hakola

… This is clearly not the way to bring the crowdsourcing idea to the process of creating interesting web content. Or maybe it might work by chance – but just once.

My work in Vapa Media revolves around interesting, up to date and good web content in general. The first questions arise when one must decide, what good content actually is, and what it is not. To make it simple I think that good web content has an audience, while bad content doesn’t. What is not interesting, doesn’t …

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Crimes against content: is crowdsourcing to hamsters a bridge too far?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… replaced with links that benefit the mutilators.

Other mind-jarring examples contained content from multiple genuine articles. Disturbingly, these articles suggest a real (if unfortunate and/or possibly high) human being might actually have been involved in the creation of sentences like “Microtask game using a hamster to sub-tasks: to help players build hamster bridge”. Which is actually entertainingly ironic: articles about Microtask’s system of distributed work are …

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Online brands: Everything you expected?

Posted on by Ida Hakola

… to quantify. This basic idea got me thinking about how we can measure people’s expectations in a web environment.

A few years ago, a poker playing friend of mine introduced me to the concept of expectation value. Eyes misting over, my friend explained how one can increase the odds of winning by calculating the expectation value of a given poker hand. At the time I simply nodded politely: I already had plenty of ways to throw away money, most of which were more fun than cards.

Raising …

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Flattery will get you everywhere

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… eMule, WinMX and Kazaa. While all these companies allowed people to freely download digital content (whether legally or not), the cultural battle over the legitimacy of piracy became a central issue only after the birth of TPB. Subsequent years have seen the flourishing of political parties to stimulate discussion over copyright issues and demand policies better suited for the internet age.

Copyright and the future of paid content on the internet are complicated matters, obviously …

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Search me: what Mad Men and brave moles can do for historical records

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

Ever since we began helping the National Library of Finland correct mistakes in its old newspaper archive, I have noticed myself developing a slightly anti social interest in historical texts. I say ‘anti social’ because of its effect on conversation: what I have found is that while most people claim to be interested in history, the best way to get unwanted guests to leave …

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